नेत्र रोग

Hectic lifestyle, poor eating habits lead to an increase in stress levels and create unevenness and disorders within the body that affects vital energy. All diseases are believed to be caused by what we eat and what we don’t consume. This form of therapy seeks to find the root cause and eliminate the toxins. It focuses on the entire body and uses natural elements and therapies to cure the imbalances rather than eliminate or restrain the symptoms. Naturopaths aid the healing process for a healthy internal and external environment. This therapy is effectual for treatment of nervous system imbalances such as stress, anxiety, muscle cramps, headaches, depression and fatigue. Reproductive disorders like menstrual problems, pre-menstrual syndrome, infertility, pre-conception care can be treated by this healing therapy. It also recommended for digestive disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, prickly bowel syndrome. Immune disorders, allergies, sensitivities, weight loss, cough, cold and flu, insomnia, prostate problems, arthritis, high cholesterol can be cured by this therapy. Naturopathy can also tackle illnesses that cannot be wholly healed by allopathic treatment such as sinusitis, asthma, eczema, dermatitis etc. All these problems can be cured to a great level by Naturopathic healing. Naturopathy is in particular effectual for chronic symptoms. A naturopath will assess the cause and suggest/prescribe a particular remedy as per the individual`s case history. Though two persons may have the same symptoms, the treatment may differ depending on one`s overall health history. The treatment focuses on the patient`s entire body and not just a particular part. Naturopath practitioners prescribe medicines once they have entirely investigated the patient`s entire case history. Naturopaths suggest prevention of the illness as the best cure for any disease/illness. They instruct the patients about the significance of natural foods loaded with rich nutrition and to maintain a healthy lifestyle/living. Apart from natural sources, Naturopaths offer several therapeutic methods. Naturopathy is considered as one of the best alternative therapies for patients.