अस्थमा और श्वसन संबंधी विकार

Contrary to common belief that asthma is incurable, at Jagadguru Kripalu Yoga & Naturopathy Hospital, Odisha an effective naturopathy treatment for asthma is provided through a comprehensive program. This includes a drug-less and non invasive treatment through dietary modification, eliminating allergies and yoga. Asthma is a disabling disease which seriously affects the quality of life, as it weakens the capacity of the lungs to fill in oxygen. The naturopathy treatment for asthma focuses on treating the underlying causes of asthma. It is based on some key tenets like identification of the allergens, the trigger points and their prevention. Also simultaneously improving the immune system with yoga and pranayama. Symptoms of Asthma Difficulty in breathing due to tensed bronchus capillaries causing a whistling sound from the ribs. Red and watery eyes, irritation in the feet soles and constant tiredness. Trouble sleeping due to frequent breathlessness, coughing at night and chest tightness. Main Causes of Asthma One of the major causes of 70% of Asthma patients is allergy. Therefore, the key treatment is to identify and avoid air borne allergies like pollen and dust. And certain food like dairy, egg and gluten. Chronic cold is a breeding ground for Asthma. If cold is checked initially then Asthma can be prevented. Smoking is another main cause for Asthma. It blocks the airways to the lungs and does not let mucus to be cleaned, which damages the lungs. Asthma can also be hereditary. If one has a family history of Asthma then it is a high probability to inherit the disease. Hypertension or stress is also a major cause of Asthma. It obstructs the normal functioning of the lungs and weakens the immune system. A person suffering from hypertension sometimes experiences extreme breathlessness and the lungs fail to work properly leading to a heart attack. Naturopathy Treatment for Asthma In naturopathy treatments patients are given hot fomentation on the chest, back and abdomen with the help of hot water bag. They are also given mild massage on chest and back with warm mustard oil boiled with garlic cloves. Enema of lukewarm water is also recommended. Daily hot foot bath for 15 minutes. Steam bath, Sauna bath, Sun bath also help relax the body. Placing a hot, wrung out towel over the chest can relax the breathing muscles and restore normal breathing. Steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water is also very useful in case of acute asthma attack. Lifestyle strategies-such as singing to increase diaphragmatic breathing, swimming to increase lung capacity and postural exercises that strengthen the back and open the chest are very effective. Allergy Testing Identifying trigger food that leads to allergies helps reduce asthma attacks. Mucus forming foods like milk and dairy products, peanuts, citrus, banana and red meat must be avoided. There are some environmental and lifestyle pattern that triggers asthma like pollen, animal fur, cockroach droppings, cigarette smoke, household cleaners, petrol fumes, mould and dust mites. The most important area to focus on is the bedroom, especially crucial for kids. If possible get rid of rugs and carpets or thorough cleaning of carpets and curtains and beddings and mattress.